Here is the test to give your fuel supplier or mechanic that you trust with the life of you engines.


Is the problem in my tanks caused by algae?


If the answer is yes, your good buddy is ill-informed!


There are absolutely no algae in diesel fuel. You may have microbial contamination but no algae. Algae is a misnomer for diesel sludge.


So if you have a diagnosis of ALGAE and add a biocide, you have done two things, 1) found a supplier that is wrong and 2) done nothing to fix the problem.


Test the fuel. If you find a problem contact us.




Diesel Fuel Quality is a Question not a Guarantee


It is estimated that eight out of every ten diesel engine failures have been directly related to poor quality and contaminated fuel. The build-up of contaminates in the fuel systems and storage tanks can quickly clog filters, thus resulting in engine shut down, fuel pump wear, and diesel engine damage.


Diesel fuel begins to deteriorate as soon as it is produced. Within 30 days of refining, all diesel fuel regardless of brand, goes through a natural process called re-polymerization and oxidation.


These components over time if not burned off and held in storage will drop to the bottom of the fuel tank and form diesel sludge, smell bad, causes engines to smoke and eventually plug filters.



There is no good time to find out that your engine won't operate or that half its life span is gone prematurely because of contaminated or poor quality diesel fuel. Since no one can predict a breakdown, the only safe method is prevention.


Realize now that you do have a problem, and manage it now, or deal with the unexpected catastrophe and reduced equipment life that comes at the absolutely wrong time and is not in the budget!


Now is the only time to test your fuel!